Cross-Promotion and Characters

Hey tappers,

We have another guest post today from feelingblind – the writer of tsto game. Here it is:

Hello, I’m feelingblind. You might know me from TSTO game a blog dedicated to all sorts of Tapped Out information. It has evolved since its inception, with many writers now contributing each week. If you’re so inclined, check it out sometime.

More recently though I created a sub-site called TSTO Tricks, which acts as a database for all of the various information about the game. It contains walkthroughs, lists of characters and their jobs, building information, and more. It’s not the typical fan blog, but if you’re looking for some specific information, definitely keep it in your bookmarks as it can be great resource to aid your gameplay. Its a resource I often use myself when I need to know something about the game.

Since we’re on the subject of cross-promoting our sites, lets talk about the character who often promotes in-game deals, Gil. Would you like to seem him added as a full-time character to the game? If so, what do you think some of his jobs would be?

Perhaps more interesting would be Sideshow Bob. If he were a permanent character, he could have a job that had him try to avoid getting hit in the face with rakes. Actually there are lots of jobs he could have with some very interesting visuals, perhaps more so than Gil.

So if you had to choose between Gil and Sideshow Bob, who would you choose?


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