Poll Results + New Poll!

Hey guys. So last week I asked you how you were doing on the Easter Box/Wheel… Here are the results!


As you can see, pretty much a third of you, that’s nine people, voted for “I’ve Done Decently; I’ve got some of the prizes I wanted”. I would’ve voted for that option to, considering I’m only missing one or two prizes now. Three of you have been really lucky, where as two of you have haven’t been so lucky.

Now, moving on to this weeks poll. There has been a lot of speculation on wether the episode ‘A Brick Like Me’ will come with an episode tie-in. It’s been discussed quite a lot both on this site among others.

Before we discuss it a little more, here’s the trailer: ‘Brick Like Me’ Trailer

I personally don’t think we’ll get an episode tie-in. First of there’s the looming problem of licensing. EA doesn’t even want to pay for the rights to a characters voice, so it seems highly unlikely they’ll pay for LEGO’s brand. They are the second biggest toy company in the world, after all!


Secondly, the CGI style of the episode just wouldn’t fit into the game. Here’s a comparison between LEGO Homer and normal Homer, just by looking you can see that the LEGO counterpart just wouldn’t fit into the game.


Now it’s time to have your say. Vote below on wether or not you think they’ll be an episode tie-in!

Happpy Tapping,



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