Around the World: France

Hey guys, in today’s Around the World post, we’re going to be taking a look at France.


France is a country located in Western Europe. It’s capital city is Paris, and it is most recognised for landmarks such as The Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel and it’s also home to the Mona Lisa. 

Now, although France has been featured in at least seven episodes, there’s very little that could be added into the game. However, I’ve gathered what I could! 

For characters I could only really find one of interest- Adil Hoxha. Adil is a ten year old exchange student from Albania, who went and lived with Marge and Homer while Bart and Lisa were in France. 


Whilst Adil was living with the Simpsons, he grew very attached to Homer. Touched by this, Homer treated him significantly better than his own children and eventually took him to work with him. Adil was fascinated with the power plant, and asked Homer a lot of technical questions, as well as taking lots of pictures. Homer told him everything he could and gave him a set of the power plants blue prints. 

The reason for this, however, is that Adil was actually a spy for Albania. He had set up a communication device as well as a fax machine and was sending all the information back to his country. He was later caught, and deported back to Albania. Despite of him being a spy,the Simpsons were sad to him go.

For tasks, Adil could…

Examine American food (60 minutes, at the Kwik-E-Mart)

Inspect the Power Plant (4 hours, at the Power Plant)

Communicate back to Albania (6 hours, Tree House)

Be Homer’s Third child (12 hours, visual and a joint task with Homer)

Take Photos (24 hours, visual)


Moving on to the buildings. I couldn’t really find anything at all, except for the Eiffel Tower, if that even counts as a building.


For tasks…

Eat at Attitude 95, the restaurant built within the Eiffel Tower (12 hours)

Eat at Jules Verne, the other ludicrously expensive (like, $190 per person!) restaurant within the Eiffel Tower

Climb the Eiffel Tower (Bart, 6 hours)


And finally, for decorations, we could have a French flag…


Thanks for reading this weeks addition of Around the World, see you next time!



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