Episode reflect: Brick Like Me

Hello Tappers!

I’m really excited today as I am privileged to be bringing you the reflection for yesterdays episode – Brick Like Me. It was a much anticipated episode that I was building up to throughout last week and now it is here. Lets get going!

As the opening starts, Marge tells Homer to wake up as he is having a nightmare and, he wakes up in a land of lego which appears to be normality. Homer then goes to get Lisa a box of lego to play with.

Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse are at school where Milhouse bought a skunk to school for show and tell. After it escapes, Bart and Milhouse chase it to the boiler room and it escapes through a small crack. They begin to take bricks out to go after it when Willie runs in to stop the school from falling in. When he learns its a skunk, he smashes the wall down and goes after it.

Back with Homer, he arrives at the Androids dungeon to get the toy. After having a vision, he returns home to Marge who comforts him. He continues to have visions of the real world and not his lego world. When Marge takes him to church, his real hands appear and everyone is horrified. He soon leaves and Lovejoy tells everyone that their lego religion is fake.

Bart is continuing to rebuild the school and builds it to his liking and not how it was. Skinner makes him change it.

Homer and Marge go to the Androids dungeon where Homer takes another look into the real world. He sees that he wanted to make an alternative world where there was no suffering after he gets stood up by Lisa. After the vision, he goes home and plays with Lisa. Here, he realizes that he needs to return to the real world so he runs towards the androids dungeon where the Comic Book Guy stops him from entering to get Lisas toy. This is because he wants to stay in the lego world.

Bart finishes building 12 Springfield Elementary’s and Skinner has several more for him to build. He hears his father screaming for help after Comic Book Guy unleashes pirates on him. Bart quickly builds a hero to fight the pirates and destroy Comic Book Guy. Homer finds the toy he was looking for and after saying goodbye to Marge, returns to the real world. Lisa asks him if he is ok, which he is and the world is returned to normal. That includes the guidbook being closed!

After the credits, Lisa is seen watching a movie with her friends, and in the background is Marge and Homer – Homer complaining as usual!

Well that is the end of the relfection for today and I certainly have enjoyed it! I hope to be back soon to bring you more reflections, but until then,

Keep Tapping!



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