Let’s Take a Look at: Mr. Largo

Welcome to this weeks edition of ‘Lets Take a Look at’, where today we are looking at the recently released Mr. Largo.


Despite Mr. Largo being voted for the worst character ever created, there were a lot of people asking for him to be added into the game. Now, we finally have him due to the recent addition of level 40. 

Dewey Largo first appeared in “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”, which was the first official Simpsons episode ever created. He is the music teacher at Springfield Elementary and is well known for being able to make any piece of music boring, this was proven by Lisa. To add to this, the word ‘Largo’ is Italian for a piece of broad and slow music tempo.

A possible reason for his lack of musical talent is because as a child, he was accepted into Julliard School of Music. However, he never got the acceptance letter because the mail man who was supposed to deliver it got frozen atop Mt. Springfield. 

As mentioned before, Largo is the music teacher at Springfield Elementary. He teaches Lisa and often gets cross at her for showing creativity, as is shown in the opening scene of every episode. 


In the episode ‘Flaming Moe’, Dewey meets his “soulmate”, also called Dewey, and claims to have quit his job to run of with Dewey.


^ The other Dewey.

So there’s all the interesting information I could find on Largo. There wasn’t much, but I still think he’s a great addition to the game!

Happy Tapping!



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