Thought for the week: Keeping us busy

Hey tappers!

I’m dropping in today for thought of the week so I hope you enjoy my thought. I’m going to talk to you about EA and how they manage to keep bringing us updates.

I will start with the idea that EA seem to be bringing us a lot of updates recently, but I wandered why? There are several reasons explaining this but I wander the real reason why.

My first thought is that it’s a bid for customers – maybe if they release content regularly then it will entice people to download the game and to spend money on the game.

Then my next thought was considering possible guilt that EA may have. Maybe they thought that they would bring a level update because the easter event is incredibly hard to get prizes from.

But I think that the real explanation is that they want to keep the game fresh and get lots of challenges for those people who rush ahead and finish the content released.

So I’ve finished for today but do you think I’m right? Is there any other explanation for EA’s multiple update bringing? Why not sound off in the comments below? Until next time!

Keep Tapping!



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