The site

Hi tappers!

I’m zooming in today to bring you some notices regarding the site.

As you will know, Maximbarne126 has been absent recently due to moving house. We also have another writer (mysteryblogman) who has not been posting much recently either. This has left myself and ChiefralphWiggum to hold the fort in their absence. While we are on this topic, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to ChiefRalph because the last week or so wouldnt have gone as smoothly without him.

The next notice is concerning the site. I have decided to make some changes with the background, changing the colour to orange with a picture of Mrs Hoover. I am also planning to bring more information regarding the game to the site. This information will include the conform o meter and much more in game related information.

A third notice that I am bringing you is the fast approaching arrival of our 3 month anniversary. To mark this anniversary, I want to pull off something big, something that is going to blow your socks off. Throughout the week of the anniversary, we will be having a fun filled time, but I would like to have your ideas for what we could do. I am already going to do a “Superior Anniversary Showoff” (This will now be referred to as the SAS). The winner will have their town featured on a new page called “Anniversary celebrations” so it will be a huge occasion. I’m looking for one extra judge who can judge the competition, and there will be a shortlist of three entries chosen by myself, chiefralph and maximbarne126. We will close the competition on Sunday, 25th May ready for announcement throughout that week. You can showoff any part of your town – a 2d/3d area, your whole town, a residential area, an easter area, absolutely anything you want. You can submit your entries either by comment here on the site, a message at TOUK, or you can email

Well thats some excitement, so with so many new additions to the site I hope you will love it even more. Sound off in the comments below your thoughts.

Keep Tapping!



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