Characters, buildings and skins: Strongman Homer

Hello there tappers!

Welcome to the next part of our newest series on the site concerning characters, buildings and skins. Today’s item is the Strongman Homer skin.

When you unlock him, you will see this screen:

Sadly, you were only give the chance to get him in the Treehouse of Horror XXIV event, and he is not currently available for purchase. To get him, you had to find 4 frightems and then answer a question correctly. If you do that, you get Strongman Homer.

Here is the list of tasks he has:

Battle Apu’s Octuplets Money70 XP17 60m Kwik-E-Mart Not Visual
Punch Meat in the Freezer Money175 XP45 4h Krusty Burger Not Visual
Drink Duff Bull Money275 XP70 8h Moe’s Tavern Not Visual
Impress Rubes with His Strength Money420 XP100 12h Simpson House Yes, Visual
Piggyback Mr. Burns Money600 XP150 24h Mr. Burns Yes, Visual

So thats everything there is to know about Strongman Homer. Tune back in next week for more!

Keep Tapping,



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