Should I buy Macaroni’s Shed?

Hello tappers!

Before I begin, you may have noticed that the title doesn’t include where did that come from? This is because Macaroni’s Shed is a brand new item that was released with the tie-in, ahead of Sunday’s episode.Here is the shed:

Tapped Out Macaroni's Shed.png

It costs 30 donuts and is classed as a decoration so does not earn an income. To be honest, I would pass on this item because it is similar to Willie’s shack, but this costs donuts. However, it costs 30 donuts which, by EA’s standards is very cheap, so if you are a collector or you just want to decorate your town with this then it’s a great purchase. Comment below if you will buy it, or what you think of it!

Keep Tapping!



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