Thought for the week: Did anyone like easter?

Hello tappers!

Welcome to another episode of thought for the week, I will be talking about easter, and the opinions most people had on it.

I can’t help but get the feeling that post people thought they were being cheated by EA in this event, it was so hard to complete the event, and I’m certain the majority of people couldnt complete the event.

When the update first hit, I wasn’t in an area where I could get wifi for a long period of time, so it meant I was unable to download the update. I did however, receive a message from our very own ChiefRalphWiggum telling me that the update had hit, and he had rushed the first 24 hour quest. I remember him telling me tat it was very much similar to the mystery wheels that we have got in the past.

I also remember scrolling through my emails, looking at various messages containing spoilers and thinking to myself that we were in for a brilliant event because of the amount of content that had been found in the game files. Little did I know that it would be so hard to get all of this content, and that it would turn into a case of who was able to get what.

So this brings me back to my question “Did anyone like easter?” I enjoyed the event, but towards the end I found it so hard to get the eggs, I almost gave up. What did you think about the event? Did you think along the same lines as me? Sound off in the comments below!

Keep Tapping!



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