What is that feature? Confirm Donut Spend

Hey tappers!

I’m introducing a new series to our site called “What is that feature?” You have probably guessed from the title that it is going to be taking a look at various features in the game, and assessing how well they work, and whether it is worth using it. Today’s feature is confirm donut spend.

For me, this is one of the most important features in the game. I’m going to take a trip through memory lane, to bring you a bad experience I had by not using the confirm donut spend.

I thought that my confirm donut spend was on, one day recently, and I was scrolling through some of the items in the store. It was during an episode tie-in, the one in which we recieved the guinea pig rescue centre. Anyway, I had about 45 donuts at the time and was looking through the store. My finger slipped on Pokey the Guinea Pig, accidentally pressing the button to buy it. I thought it would be ok, but realised that my confirm donut spend was off, and I had therefore just spent 40 donuts on a small hamster that is hard for me to see in my town.

So, the lesson I learned from this was to make sure that I was using that feature. EA resets it with most updates they bring out, and therefore, if you wish to use this feature you must press yes in your settings.

The idea of the confirm donut spend is just to check that you want to spend your donuts, it’s just a handy option to have.

I’m not forcing you to use this, it’s your own personal choice, but I would advise that you strongly consider it.

Keep Tapping,



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