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Dear Mikezilla, 5/29/14 Edition


In this series I will respond to questions from pretty much anyone, asked through the comments section, and my twitter account ( @supermikeio ) or on in the traditional style of beloved newspaper columnist Dear Abby. You can ask me anything you want game related or otherwise, and I will choose and answer my favourites. The folks whose questions are chosen will not only gain knowledge from my infinite wisdom, but also get a shoutout in my post, and all the fame that comes with it.


The first question belongs to one of my twitter followers.


Now I don’t advise following him as he kind of reminds me of a serial killer, and can’t seem to form a proper sentence, but asks a great first question. To me the best character is Hank Scorpio, both from the classic episode “you only move twice” and TSTO. It brings a tear to my eye whenever I see him wielding that flame thrower, or taking out James Bont.


The next question comes from my waitress today, I believe her name was Helga but for some reason I didn’t notice her name badge.


Well Helga, it’s taken all day, and I’ve finally figured out my answer to your question for the ages. Yes I would like the soup of the day. If I recall it was cream of whiskey.


And finally the last question comes all the way from my South African pen pal N’dgoo.


He writes “Dear Mikezilla, I am slowly starving to death, can you please help me?” Well N’dgoo thanks for that great question but the short answer is no! I already spent the last of my money buying iTunes gift cards waiting for the next “Gil deal”.  Don’t worry though little N’dgoo, I had enough left over for a stamp, so I’m sending you an autographed photo of me!

Well that’s all the time I have for today, but please leave any questions for me in the comments, and I may answer them in the next instalment


Tweeting With The Stars: Drederick Tatum edition

Hey all, in this series I will try to tweet with celebrities that have appeared on the show and attempt to entertain with the outcome, or lack of.


So I was tweeting with my many followers the other day when I started chatting with Apollo Creed himself Carl Weathers.


Carl seems to be a kind man who will reply to anyone with a positive spin and wish you to “be peace”  while as far as I’m aware he’s never made an appearance on the show, it got me thinking about the often over looked Drederick Tatum


Tatum came to us in the whacking day event and I believe was the second last prize, his 4hr walk the tiger task is one of my favourites and is a take off from the hangover movies. Dredericks character has been a take on Iron Mike for years, there was even a Simpsons-esque Don King in some episodes.


I took the time to tweet Mr.Tyson to find out if he actually owns a tiger, but have not heard back yet, I did not tweet Don King as he scares the $&!¥ out of me. His hair reminds me of the time a French woman put me in a headlock.


I’d like to leave you all with my favourite part of The Hangover series that featured the former Champ

Stu’s Song

What do tigers dreams of
When they take a little tiger snooze?
Do they dream of mauling zebras
Or Hallie Barry in her Catwoman suit?

Don’t you worry, your pretty striped head
We’re gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed
And then we’re gonna find our best friend Doug
And then we’re gonna give him a best friend hug

Doug, Doug, oh Doug, Doug, Dougie, Doug, Doug
But if he’s been murdered by crystal meth tweekers
Then we’re shit out of luck.


If you’d like to try to tweet with any of today’s Stars, you can find them on Twitter

Carl Weathers: @TheCarlWeathers

Mike Tyson: @MikeTyson

Mikezilla: @supermikeio

Extreme Makeover: Simpsons Edition



Hey all, with the recent episode tie in update giving Milhouse a makeover with his new skin I thought it was time to look at other famous celebrity makeovers. So as My BFF Ty Pennigton always says: “Move That Bus”


Here is Cher before and after her Recent new look, it’s amazing that she is still able to reinvent herself after all these years!


No one has seen the real Miss Piggy in years, turns out it’s because after her surgery she became Tori Spelling.


Finally in recent news Cover Girl dropped celebrity comedian Ellen Degeneres from their ad campaign, after her recent facelift.


So there you have it just like celebrities EA can, and has been able to bring new life to TSTO by giving it a little bit of a facelift. Let us know who you would like to see get the next skin and what you think it should be!

Let’s take a look at… Homer Simpson

Mmmmmmmmmm… Lets take a look at posts!

Hey guys, sorry to say that was my best Homer Simpson impression – get’s me embarrased. Well, yes, we are covering Homer Simpson today since he is one of the biggest characters in tapped out. I think we should now get going – I’ve got a lot to cover!

We’ll after appearing in all of the animated shorts, Homer made his first full-length episode debut in the first ever episode of the Simpsons – “The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” (S1:E1). Since kicking on to the screen at the Christmas of 1989, Homer has been on a variety of adventures. We’ve seen how he met Marge (In detention – surprise, surprise!), how his mother, Mona left him, and how he thought that his real dad wasn’t his real dad. Homer has had several memorable moments and we will be looking at a few.

We have always thought that Homer would be with Marge forever. He’s put his foot in it a few times though, like that time he took Ned Flanders to Las Vegas and he married Amber while Flanders married Ginger. Thankfully, his family knew he was genuinely sorry and teamed up together to get her married to Grampa!

In an episode set in the future Homer and Marge split up after Homer bought an underwater house without Marges permission. When Marge started dating Krusty, Homer tried to fight him to win her back. He lost the fight, but won Marge back.

Then there was Lurleen – Lurleen Lumpkin. He became Lurleen’s band manager when she didn’t have a record label, and made her successful again. She attempted to get with “Colonel Homer”, however Homer knew it wouldn’t work.

So Homer has had his fair share of relationships in the last 25 years there is lots more that I haven’t even mentioned. Now on to the many jobs of Homer Simpson. We all know him as the safety inspector at Sector 7G and a technical supervisor (in earlier seasons) at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, but Homer has over 100 jobs.

Homer has worked as Springfield’s safety guru – “The Safety Salamander”. He was so popular in his costume, he even ran for mayor – until Marge washed his costume and it broke.

GABF21 Salamander

He has also had his fair share of TV success. He’s had his own TV show called “Politically Inept with Homer Simpson” where he criticised anything he could think of – and even got asked to help pick the president. He was also the host of a talk show, and he even provided the voice for Poochie on the show,

He has also been part of several music groups – namely the Barbershop Quartet and various other musical groups.

That’s it for Homer Simpson today, but you’ll never know when I mgith pop up again to bring you more on Homer Simpson.

Keep Tapping!


Lets take a look at… Pokey the Guinea Pig

Squeak, Squeak squeak squeak. Did you guess who I am yet? Yes, thats right I’m an animal. Yes I’m a hamster. Pokey? Yes, that episode was on Sunday but why not take a look at him? Ok I’ve decided. I’ll do the post on Pokey and you can see what part he had to play on Sunday. Here he is:

Surprisingly, Pokey only has a small part in the game he destroys the Simpsons living room at the very start of the episode and they then have to sort it out. So basically, what could be a cute, little pet turns out to be quite a nightmare for the Simpsons. So that brings me on to the next part how can I get Pokey?

Sadly, Pokey is no longer available for purchase in the game as he was a limited time item that was removed from the game on Tuesday 25th March 2014. There is a small chance that EA will bring him back in the future if he appears in another episode, but sadly that is the only chance you will get to buy Pokey.

I guess thats all from me now from the little guinea pig.

Keep Tapping