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Thought of the Week: Level 39 Buildings

Level 39 saw us get three new buildings; Sanjay’s House, Apu’s Apartment and E.A.R.L. In this post I’m going to talk about all three, as well as give my opinions.

Sanjay’s House


Sanjay’s House costs $438,000 and when purchased unlocks Sanjay. It generates $120 and 12XP every 6 hours. Oddly, there are no permanent tasks associated with this building.

My opinion on Sanjay’s House is quite a good one. A lot of people have been asking for more housing, and although I wasn’t one of them, I don’t mind having another unique house.  I like the overall look of it, and I had fun designing it!


Here is my sort-of-boring design of Sanjay’s House.

Apu’s Apartment


Apu’s Apartment cost 160 donuts, with a $500 and 45XP return every  24 hours. In order to unlock Manjula, you have to buy this building. The only permanent task for it is one of Manjula’s.

Personally, I don’t really like this building. Over the past couple of months we have been give a lot of apartment buildings, and this one is as boring and annoying as the other ones.


I haven’t got around to designing mine yet; but here’s an in game image!



E.A.R.L. is the sixth prize to be added to the Friends Points system. It can be earned when you get 5000 FP or can be bought for 500 donuts but it gives no income. It can only be placed in the sea (not on land or in the rivers).

E.A.R.L. stands for Electronic Automatic Robot Lighthouse.

I love E.A.R.L! Having a lighthouse is really cool. I never saw anybody suggest it, but it’s definitely something people are going to want.


Mines pretty simple, but oh well. It should also be noted that when tapped on, it flashes.