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Extreme Makeover: Simpsons Edition



Hey all, with the recent episode tie in update giving Milhouse a makeover with his new skin I thought it was time to look at other famous celebrity makeovers. So as My BFF Ty Pennigton always says: “Move That Bus”


Here is Cher before and after her Recent new look, it’s amazing that she is still able to reinvent herself after all these years!


No one has seen the real Miss Piggy in years, turns out it’s because after her surgery she became Tori Spelling.


Finally in recent news Cover Girl dropped celebrity comedian Ellen Degeneres from their ad campaign, after her recent facelift.


So there you have it just like celebrities EA can, and has been able to bring new life to TSTO by giving it a little bit of a facelift. Let us know who you would like to see get the next skin and what you think it should be!


What we want in game : The Old Simpson Farm

Hey, welcome back to a new episode of ‘What we want in game’! Today we are going to be talking about he Old Simpson Farm and why it should be added into Tapped Out.

So, The Old Simpson Farm is where homer spent most of his child hood. It is located off Rural Route 9, a road outside of Springfield. He was raised mostly by Abe Simpson (Homer’s father). Here is some history about the farm. So, this farm is the place where the Simpson’s family took refuge. Homer was challenged to a duel by a Southerner and so made the family flee the home and they took refuge in this farm. Homer saw the opportunity and decided to get the family into farming! There was a major problem, nothing would grow on the soil. However, Homer exposed the soil to nuclear radiation from the power plant and made a hybrid of tomato and tobacco seeds. He called this Tomacco. He then grew up here for many years. He had some great times here as well! He sometimes sat in front of the TV for hours on end. The TV however, gave of radiation and because of this combined with how long he sat in front of the TV for, his shadow was burned into the floor and the wall. It was going well until Mona and Abe were forced to close the farmhouse by the bank because the milk production went sour, this happened because of the cows being traumatised by Homer shouting at them!

The farm is now rundown though, it has holes in the roof and broken windows. It has an empty living room, a room with a fireplace, a bathroom, a kitchen, a few bedrooms and a barn.

So, why should we get it? I think we should get it because after all, it is a major part of Homer’s life and he is the main character! He grew up here, had a lot of fun here and much more! So, when could it be added? I think it could be added in one of the upcoming level updates. It could also come with Mona Simpson, Abe’s wife. Tell us in the comments below what you want in Tapped Out and Happy tapping,


What we want in game : The Leftorium

Hey guys, today we are continuing our series of what we want in game, today we are talking about The Leftorium. Without further ado, let’s begin!

So, The Leftorium is a building located in the Springfield mall and is owned by Ned Flanders, the Simpson’s families neighbourinoo. Ned once worked as a clerk for a pharmacy but decided to make his own business, for left handers. At first, it looked like he had made a really bad decision, business was failing because Homer’s wish had come true. The wish homer made was that business would fail at his store, it became true. The Flanders’s were forced to sell their belongings, most of which were bought by Homer for and £40 to £50 (around $75). Things then got worse, the bank repossessed the family home and the business was about to close because it was becoming bankrupt. Homer then begins to feel sorry for Ned and decides he shouldn’t have made the wish and so goes to all his left handed friends and and tells them about the shop. The shop becomes popular and is saved from bankruptcy by Homer, making him proud! The shop has presumably been doing well in business since, but in some episodes, Ned says the business isn’t doing well. In fact, Ned even purchased his own items in the shop to make up for the loss of business once! Suddenly, a new shop arrives, the Left-Mart. It threatens his business but some people call it a rip off as all it sells is items that have ‘left handed’ in front of the name (e.g. Left handed pen.) So, that’s all the info on that building.

So, I personally don’t think the building could come with any character because Ned is already in the game. Also, it would be hard to implement in game as it is a building in the Springfield mall which we already have. I think this could however be coming very soon as it has a cool background and is the business of Ned! Thanks for reading and happy tapping,


What we want in game : Krusty’s mansion

Hey, welcome back to our third episode of “What we want in game”. Last week we talked about The White House, today we are talking about Krusty’s mansion.

So, Krusty’s mansion, as you can tell by the name belongs to Krusty and he lives in it. Being himself, he was once forced out of it as he was arrested and lost all his money, meaning he didn’t have any money to pay the rent or anything! However, he did move back, it’s unknown how, but he did. The house also has a swimming pool in it, which because Krusty can’t swim has shrimp in it. Finally, the house was also once featured on padz, a TV show.

So, I think this could come with a character, Hyman Krustofsky, Krusty’s father. Hyman is a Jewish rabbi who had a son, krusty. Krusty however, didn’t want to become a rabbi and going against his fathers wishes, he became a clown. So, I think this building could come with a future level update, level 40 or 41. I don’t think it will be premium if it came with Hyman because Hyman is Krusty’s father, and he is a major character. So, that’s all for today’s episode, come back next week for another,


What we want in game: The White House

Hey, welcome back to our series titled “What we want in game”. Last week we said we wanted Apu’s apartment, and to my shock and many others, that same building came out for level 39 yesterday! Let’s hope we can always be that lucky! Today we will be talking about the White House and why it should be added.

To start off with, the white house is a building known all around the world as it is the home to the President of the United States. It is home to the current President of America, Barack Obama and the building first appeared in an episode titled ” Bart gets an F”. In that same episode, Bart had to study for a test which he didn’t know any of the answers to. However, it was forecast to snow later. He went to bed and dreamt about the founding fathers meeting in the White House, the subject of the test. However, he woke up half way through it as it started snowing, this annoyed him a lot as he couldn’t go out and play but had to revise instead!

Also, this building could come with Barack Obama who could have tons of jobs including Save the world, phone other presidents (a visual task, Barack Obama walking around holding a phone) and many more! I think this building would probably cost donuts because it is a major building and a must have, meaning EA would think everybody would buy it so they would make it cost about 200 donuts. However, maybe it could come with level 40! It may be released for the 4th of July event, or maybe even next years presidents day! There are lots of opportunities for it’s release.

That is all for today’s episode, come back next week for another episode! If you have any suggestions for next week, comment down below! Happy tapping,