I’ve Heard about Gil

Gil Gunderson.

Yes, Gil is a desperate man, and has appeared in our games several times offering us deals on donuts, and other in game purchases. Here are his offers:

Christmas Special

“Celebrate consumerism with this holiday inspired theme park and tree!”

The Christmas Special deal allowed the player to purchase Santa’s Village for its standard price of 200 donuts, but also included a free Holiday Tree, normally worth 75 donuts. It went from December 19-22, 2012.

Donut Offer

“Celebrate the season with even more donuts!”

From December 23-28, 2012, the player was offered another deal. This deal added 25% more Donuts to the Donut bundles in the store. For example, the dozen Donuts (originally 12) became 15.

A Sign and Doom

“Nothing says ‘I’m in charge’ like a giant super laser!”

On January 11-14, 2013, Gil offered the player a combination of the Volcano Lair and the Springfield Sign for a value of 250 donuts, when normally to buy the two on their own would cost the player 370 donuts.

The Science Fund (Nerd Farm)

“Who wouldn’t want an awkward nerd in their town?”

From February 22-25, 2013, the player was offered a deal consisting of Frink’s Lab, along with a Homer Buddha and an additional $50,000 bonus.

Day Old Donuts

“They don’t taste good, but they purchase premium content just fine.”

On May 24-27, 2013, players were offered 25% off the cost of donuts. For example 900 donuts, originally costing $49.99 was priced at $37.99.

Black Friday Offer

Here’s some stuff that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but you definitely want to buy anyway!

On November 29, 2013, players were offered the Duff Brewery along with the Springfield Sign and $50000 for 300 donuts, which would usually cost 360 donuts.

Holiday Donuts

“Holiday donuts…Get ’em while they are still appropriate to the season!”

From December 24th-31st 2013, a holiday donut sale was offered. This deal added up to 30% more Donuts to the Donut bundles in the store.

Krusty Premium

“Get the Krusty Premium package…for some reason with Dr. Nick!”

From February 20th-25th 2014, players were offered the Krustylu Studios with Sideshow Mel along with Dr. Nick and a Cannon for 200 donuts, which would normally cost 250 donuts.

Currently, we do not know if we will get any more Gil deals, or when they will come or what they will be.


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