Where did that come from? Chester Dupree and the unfinished Shed

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It is with my greatest of apologies for not posting over the weekend and the early week, things have been hectic for me. I’m back though, for a brand new post on a brand new character.

So Chester Dupree, EA were telling the truth when they said that Cehster had not appeared in the show before, but, as the Wookie from TSTO Addicts pointed out last week, he has been mentioned.

In “Gone Abie Gone” (S25:E4), Homer is at a sign and, well, here is the dialogue straight from the wookie to explain it better:

Homer: “Pushy sign.  Don’t tell me what to try.”

Marge appears in thought bubble: “Homer.  Dr. Hibbert told you to eat healthier.”

Homer: “I don’t recall that.”

Marge: “Well I do.”

Dr. Hibbert appears in a thought bubble from Marge: “Eat healthier.”

Bernice Hibbert appears in thought bubble from Dr. Hibbert: “You too, Julius.  I heard you were at Loretta’s Diner on Catfish Friday.”

Julius: “How do you know that?  You got your brother following me?”

Bernice: “Chester needs a job.”

Julius: “I paid him to build a shed.  Where is my shed Bernice?”

Homer plugs Marge’s ears and says quietly to the drive-thru so as not to interrupt the marital argument: “One onion rings please.”

So that strongly suggests that Chester is made after this Chester. Along with Wookie, I do agree that the developers of the game wanted to bring Bernice into it, and chose to bring Chester with her, to add more content to the level.

So thats all on Chester, I’ll be back soon to give the lowdown on his tasks, as well as those from Bernice.

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Tweeting With The Stars: Drederick Tatum edition

Hey all, in this series I will try to tweet with celebrities that have appeared on the show and attempt to entertain with the outcome, or lack of.


So I was tweeting with my many followers the other day when I started chatting with Apollo Creed himself Carl Weathers.


Carl seems to be a kind man who will reply to anyone with a positive spin and wish you to “be peace”  while as far as I’m aware he’s never made an appearance on the show, it got me thinking about the often over looked Drederick Tatum


Tatum came to us in the whacking day event and I believe was the second last prize, his 4hr walk the tiger task is one of my favourites and is a take off from the hangover movies. Dredericks character has been a take on Iron Mike for years, there was even a Simpsons-esque Don King in some episodes.


I took the time to tweet Mr.Tyson to find out if he actually owns a tiger, but have not heard back yet, I did not tweet Don King as he scares the $&!¥ out of me. His hair reminds me of the time a French woman put me in a headlock.


I’d like to leave you all with my favourite part of The Hangover series that featured the former Champ

Stu’s Song

What do tigers dreams of
When they take a little tiger snooze?
Do they dream of mauling zebras
Or Hallie Barry in her Catwoman suit?

Don’t you worry, your pretty striped head
We’re gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed
And then we’re gonna find our best friend Doug
And then we’re gonna give him a best friend hug

Doug, Doug, oh Doug, Doug, Dougie, Doug, Doug
But if he’s been murdered by crystal meth tweekers
Then we’re shit out of luck.


If you’d like to try to tweet with any of today’s Stars, you can find them on Twitter

Carl Weathers: @TheCarlWeathers

Mike Tyson: @MikeTyson

Mikezilla: @supermikeio

Get the lowdown: Level 41 is here!!!!!

Hey tappers!

Just weeks after level 40 we have recieved another level update! Level 41 brings Bernice Hibbert and Dr Hibberts brother. Decorations include the Duff Party Liner, Unfinished shed and Bloodmobile and the building is the Vulgari Jewellery Store. It’s not a bad update, for including a never before seen character, and one on the top of most peoples lists, but who knows what else is to come? I’m unable to get any pictures at this time, but there will be some in upcoming posts about the update. Any questions, then comment below!

Keep Tapping!


The New Celebrity Character Showdown: Gaga vs Bieber

Hey all and welcome to the “New Celebrity Character Showdown” or NCCS.


For those of you who are not familier with it, you should be ashamed, very ashamed! Periodically I will pit two celebrities that have appeared in the Simpsons universe in a head to head battle royale, to determine (based on your votes) who should permanently become residents of Springfield. What’s “new” about it you may ask? nothing, it just sounds flashier then before when I put the word “new” in front.

This weeks Showdown sees two dwindling pop figures duke it out.


will Lady Gaga, burn through Justin’s playlist? Or will Usher release Mr. Burns hounds to eat Gaga’s meat suit? Vote now to find out.


Extreme Makeover: Simpsons Edition



Hey all, with the recent episode tie in update giving Milhouse a makeover with his new skin I thought it was time to look at other famous celebrity makeovers. So as My BFF Ty Pennigton always says: “Move That Bus”


Here is Cher before and after her Recent new look, it’s amazing that she is still able to reinvent herself after all these years!


No one has seen the real Miss Piggy in years, turns out it’s because after her surgery she became Tori Spelling.


Finally in recent news Cover Girl dropped celebrity comedian Ellen Degeneres from their ad campaign, after her recent facelift.


So there you have it just like celebrities EA can, and has been able to bring new life to TSTO by giving it a little bit of a facelift. Let us know who you would like to see get the next skin and what you think it should be!