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Thought for the week: Did anyone like easter?

Hello tappers!

Welcome to another episode of thought for the week, I will be talking about easter, and the opinions most people had on it.

I can’t help but get the feeling that post people thought they were being cheated by EA in this event, it was so hard to complete the event, and I’m certain the majority of people couldnt complete the event.

When the update first hit, I wasn’t in an area where I could get wifi for a long period of time, so it meant I was unable to download the update. I did however, receive a message from our very own ChiefRalphWiggum telling me that the update had hit, and he had rushed the first 24 hour quest. I remember him telling me tat it was very much similar to the mystery wheels that we have got in the past.

I also remember scrolling through my emails, looking at various messages containing spoilers and thinking to myself that we were in for a brilliant event because of the amount of content that had been found in the game files. Little did I know that it would be so hard to get all of this content, and that it would turn into a case of who was able to get what.

So this brings me back to my question “Did anyone like easter?” I enjoyed the event, but towards the end I found it so hard to get the eggs, I almost gave up. What did you think about the event? Did you think along the same lines as me? Sound off in the comments below!

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Easter be gone!

Hi tappers!

Just wanted to let you guys know that easter has now gone. An update should be in both the app store and play store by now. The new update does not bring anything new, just the removal of the easter update.

Thats all to comment on, so until next time,

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Poll Results + New Poll!

Hey guys! Sorry this post is a few days late, I’ve been super busy!

Now, last week I asked for your opinions on the new, glorified, Easter Mystery Box/Wheel. Here are the results-


So it’s clear that just over half of you agree with me in that it’s terrible. About a third of you didn’t have a problem with the wheel, and still aren’t affected by this one. About a sixth of you are on the fence about it, and a whole one person actually loves it.

The next poll is staying on the topic of the Easter wheel. I want to know how well you’ve done in getting the prizes, regardless of wether you’ve used donuts or not.

I’ve pretty much gotten everything I wanted, but I want to know your experience with the wheel!

Happy tapping!


Where did that come from and should I buy it? : The Egg Council Guy

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of “Where did that come from and should I buy it?”. Today we will be talking about the Egg Council Guy, a character who was added as part of the Easter update.

So, The Egg council guy is not a major character as he has only appeared in 1 scene from 1 episode, ‘Homer The Great’ (S6E12). So, the Egg Council Guy is seen when Homer discovers that Lenny and Carl, his friends, are members of the secret organisation, Stonecutters. Homer discovers he wants to join the group but Lenny says to be a member of the group, he must save the life of a stonecutter. Homer gets annoyed and throws the egg salad sandwich that Lenny is eating on the floor and says that the eggs could have killed Lenny by cholesterol, therefore he saved the life of a Stonecutter. Lenny is unimpressed and says it only contains a tiny amount of cholesterol which would never have killed him. Homer replies by saying “So one of those Egg Council creeps got to you, huh?”. Lenny tries to defend himself but fails by saying ‘it’s not like that.’ Here is where the Egg Council guy appears. The egg hears what Homer said and runs away, Homer shouts after him, ” You’d better run, egg!”.

So, should you buy him? Unfortunately, you can’t buy him as you can only earn him via the boxes from the 2014 Easter event. However, if you could buy him for donuts, I wouldn’t! He has appeared in one episode and only appeared in one scene of that episode! However, he is quite cool, especially with that egg outfit! Happy tapping,


Where did that come from and should I buy it? : Shary Bobbins

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of “Where did that come from and should I buy it?”. Today we are talking about a character who was recently added into the game for Easter, Shary Bobbins!

So, Shary Bobbins was the Simpson’s magical nany and was also once Groundskeeper Willie’s fiance. Here is some info on how and why she became a nanny. So, Marge Simpson is going around her normal life doing her daily chores when she realises she is losing hair at a rapid pace. She becomes worried and decides to get someone to do some chores around the house for her, a nanny! They have a wide variety of people to pick and they interview all of them, but none of them have that magical feeling. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are talking about this new nanny and decide to sing a song about the perfect nanny. Suddenly, a woman glides down from the sky on her umbrella and their wishes are answered. She introduces herself as Shary Bobbins, a copy of the real life Mary Poppins. They finally find the perfect nanny and hire her immediately. She turns out to be an amazing nanny who helps everything around the house including cleaning the rooms, the kitchens and doing any other chores. She even makes Mr Burns happy! A few weeks later, Marge recovers from her stress and Shary leaves, much to the disappointment of Bart and Lisa. She also feels the same, she begins to miss the family and one day she see’s the family the way it was at the start, Bart is being throttled by Homer! She realises her work has only just started and stays, however, the family begin to treat her badly and she becomes depressed and starts drinking with Barney. They decide to stop her from doing this and Marge tells her that Simpson family will always be the same and never change. Shary declares that the Simpson’s are vulgar animals and takes off with her magical umbrella. Lisa still misses her and asks Homer whether they will meet again, Homer says yes! However, as he says this, she is sucked into a plane’s engine and killed!

So, should you buy her? Unfortunately, you can’t! She can only be obtained by the golden box and is very hard to obtain! However, good luck! Have you already got her, tell us in the comments below! Happy tapping,