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Dear Mikezilla, 5/29/14 Edition


In this series I will respond to questions from pretty much anyone, asked through the comments section, and my twitter account ( @supermikeio ) or on tapped-out.co.uk in the traditional style of beloved newspaper columnist Dear Abby. You can ask me anything you want game related or otherwise, and I will choose and answer my favourites. The folks whose questions are chosen will not only gain knowledge from my infinite wisdom, but also get a shoutout in my post, and all the fame that comes with it.


The first question belongs to one of my twitter followers.


Now I don’t advise following him as he kind of reminds me of a serial killer, and can’t seem to form a proper sentence, but asks a great first question. To me the best character is Hank Scorpio, both from the classic episode “you only move twice” and TSTO. It brings a tear to my eye whenever I see him wielding that flame thrower, or taking out James Bont.


The next question comes from my waitress today, I believe her name was Helga but for some reason I didn’t notice her name badge.


Well Helga, it’s taken all day, and I’ve finally figured out my answer to your question for the ages. Yes I would like the soup of the day. If I recall it was cream of whiskey.


And finally the last question comes all the way from my South African pen pal N’dgoo.


He writes “Dear Mikezilla, I am slowly starving to death, can you please help me?” Well N’dgoo thanks for that great question but the short answer is no! I already spent the last of my money buying iTunes gift cards waiting for the next “Gil deal”.  Don’t worry though little N’dgoo, I had enough left over for a stamp, so I’m sending you an autographed photo of me!

Well that’s all the time I have for today, but please leave any questions for me in the comments, and I may answer them in the next instalment


Episodes from the weekend : What to expect when Bart’s expecting

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of ‘Episodes from the weekend’. Today we are taking about the episode over the weekend, “What to expect when Bart’s expecting”.

So, Bart is annoyed at how his art teacher tells all the students she wants the best from all of them, he decides he wants to get rid of her.  He visits a voodoo specialist and gets the materials to cast a stomach ache spell on her, however, she shows up the next day! The spell instead made her pregnant! Ralph announces that Bart got the teacher pregnant and news spreads around the school like wildfire. Homer picks up Bart from school and he leaves for the day. Soon after, a couple approaches Bart and tells them they want a baby, Bart does his voodoo spell and it works. Bart demands 5$, he’s even making money off it! Homer, yet agin chokes his son and meanwhile tells him ” I’ll teach you how to understand prayers!”. They go to Moe’s together and then they are both kidnapped by Fat Tonies cronies. At first it is obvious why, but suddenly they are told Fat Tony wants him to work his spells on his horses as he wants a male horse.

So, that’s all for today’s episode, come back next week for another! Happy tapping,


Poll Results + New Poll!

Hey guys! Sorry this post is a few days late, I’ve been super busy!

Now, last week I asked for your opinions on the new, glorified, Easter Mystery Box/Wheel. Here are the results-


So it’s clear that just over half of you agree with me in that it’s terrible. About a third of you didn’t have a problem with the wheel, and still aren’t affected by this one. About a sixth of you are on the fence about it, and a whole one person actually loves it.

The next poll is staying on the topic of the Easter wheel. I want to know how well you’ve done in getting the prizes, regardless of wether you’ve used donuts or not.

I’ve pretty much gotten everything I wanted, but I want to know your experience with the wheel!

Happy tapping!


Thought of the week : The Fabergé egg

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of “Thought of the week”. Today we are going to be talking about the Fabergé egg.

So, many of you probably do not know this but when you complete all of the Easter quest (there are 18 parts), you can not earn eggs by zapping or tapping bunnies anymore. However, to make up for this, you can instead earn the Fabergé egg. After you have unlocked the Fabergé egg you have the chance to earn baskets again by tapping or zapping bunnies! So, my question is, have you got the Fabergé egg and how long did you have to wait to get it? Happy tapping,


Reflect the week : Sunday 20th April – Saturday 26th April

Hey tappers!

Today I’m dropping in to bring you this weeks issue of reflect the week. Lets start with last Sunday.

Easter Sunday – Maximbarne126 bought us his thought of the week with the Easter progression.

Easter Monday – Maximbarne126 told us where Shary Bobbins came from

Tuesday – While most of us returned to school and work, Chief Ralph Wiggum went around the world to Austalia.

Wednesday – On Wednesday, I took a look at “Behind the Laughter”.

Thursday – Maximbarne126 gave us reasons why we should have the old Simpsons farm in our games.

Saturday – We took a break on Friday, but returned on Saturday with two posts. Maximbarne126 told us about the Egg Council Guy. I took a look at Father Sean.

So that’d the week at our site. Did you have a good week? Let us know in the comments below!

Keep Tapping