About the Fan World

Hello! This is our main page and introductory page. I’m going to introduce our writers and talk a bit about the site.

We are a small group of people who came from two twitter pages to bring you TSTO Fan World. We are not related to or part of any other TSTO site or EA themselves. We are just people who really enjoy The Simpsons Tapped Out enough to write a page about it. Now, introducing our writers:


Hi, I’m wilki1999. Some people like to call me Jack – can’t think why! I’m from a small place called the UK and I very much enjoy watching the Simpsons and playing their games. One true love of mine is football. To some American people, you may know it as soccer. My favourite team is the legendary Chelsea fc. I am really proud to be one of the founders of this site, but it wouldn’t be what it is without you guys – you are the ones that make it count.


My name is Maxim. I live in the United kingdom ( Northern Ireland ). I like to play tapped out and play about 5 times every day. I also enjoy playing sports, particularly football, I don’t support any team but just play it for fun. I also love flappy bird and my high score is 100!

Chief Ralph Wiggum

I’ve been playing Tapped Out since it’s launch. I’m a big fan of not only the game, but also the show, and I grew up watching the Simpsons! Among the Tapped Out community I used to write for Topix Extra, I comment on and read most Tapped Out sites and I also have a TSTO Social account.
I love writing about things I love and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do making them!


Hi, my name is Marcus and I live down under in Victoria, Australia. I am a die hard video gamer on weekends and holidays but during the week, I’m pretty sporty.
I enjoy old movies for whatever reason. I’m also not an Aussie stereotype and do not eat shrimp of any BBQs! I regularly play tapped out and first got it during Christmas 2012. My friends have actually become concerned about how much I play it!


TSTO Topix

TSTO Addicts

Tapped Out EA Forums


TSTO Tricks


Thats all for now, but we are looking to include more links to websites on this page, please let me know if you want your site up here.



6 thoughts on “About the Fan World

    1. wilki1999 Post author

      Well we didn’t get 200 views yesterday. In total it was 96 views and three comments. I’ll extend it for a further 24 hours as we are already on 33 views today, just 68 more needed


  1. feelingblind

    Welcome to the blog world. I know it can be tough keeping up with things. If you ever want to write for TSTO game, you’re all more than welcome to.



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