Episodes from the weekend : What to expect when Bart’s expecting

Hey, welcome back to a brand new episode of ‘Episodes from the weekend’. Today we are taking about the episode over the weekend, “What to expect when Bart’s expecting”.

So, Bart is annoyed at how his art teacher tells all the students she wants the best from all of them, he decides he wants to get rid of her.  He visits a voodoo specialist and gets the materials to cast a stomach ache spell on her, however, she shows up the next day! The spell instead made her pregnant! Ralph announces that Bart got the teacher pregnant and news spreads around the school like wildfire. Homer picks up Bart from school and he leaves for the day. Soon after, a couple approaches Bart and tells them they want a baby, Bart does his voodoo spell and it works. Bart demands 5$, he’s even making money off it! Homer, yet agin chokes his son and meanwhile tells him ” I’ll teach you how to understand prayers!”. They go to Moe’s together and then they are both kidnapped by Fat Tonies cronies. At first it is obvious why, but suddenly they are told Fat Tony wants him to work his spells on his horses as he wants a male horse.

So, that’s all for today’s episode, come back next week for another! Happy tapping,



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