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??? The Stonecutters ???


Looks like EA has leaked the much awaited, and anticipated arrival of the Stonecutters. Will this be level 42? Will it be the rumoured major event to help compete with Family Guy ? Will it surprise us all and feature affordable premium items and characters? Or will it just be a giant tease, for Moes new pet? There’s only one way to find out! Stay tuned, more details to come.



Dear Mikezilla, 5/29/14 Edition


In this series I will respond to questions from pretty much anyone, asked through the comments section, and my twitter account ( @supermikeio ) or on tapped-out.co.uk in the traditional style of beloved newspaper columnist Dear Abby. You can ask me anything you want game related or otherwise, and I will choose and answer my favourites. The folks whose questions are chosen will not only gain knowledge from my infinite wisdom, but also get a shoutout in my post, and all the fame that comes with it.


The first question belongs to one of my twitter followers.


Now I don’t advise following him as he kind of reminds me of a serial killer, and can’t seem to form a proper sentence, but asks a great first question. To me the best character is Hank Scorpio, both from the classic episode “you only move twice” and TSTO. It brings a tear to my eye whenever I see him wielding that flame thrower, or taking out James Bont.


The next question comes from my waitress today, I believe her name was Helga but for some reason I didn’t notice her name badge.


Well Helga, it’s taken all day, and I’ve finally figured out my answer to your question for the ages. Yes I would like the soup of the day. If I recall it was cream of whiskey.


And finally the last question comes all the way from my South African pen pal N’dgoo.


He writes “Dear Mikezilla, I am slowly starving to death, can you please help me?” Well N’dgoo thanks for that great question but the short answer is no! I already spent the last of my money buying iTunes gift cards waiting for the next “Gil deal”.  Don’t worry though little N’dgoo, I had enough left over for a stamp, so I’m sending you an autographed photo of me!

Well that’s all the time I have for today, but please leave any questions for me in the comments, and I may answer them in the next instalment

Get the lowdown: Level 41 is here!!!!!

Hey tappers!

Just weeks after level 40 we have recieved another level update! Level 41 brings Bernice Hibbert and Dr Hibberts brother. Decorations include the Duff Party Liner, Unfinished shed and Bloodmobile and the building is the Vulgari Jewellery Store. It’s not a bad update, for including a never before seen character, and one on the top of most peoples lists, but who knows what else is to come? I’m unable to get any pictures at this time, but there will be some in upcoming posts about the update. Any questions, then comment below!

Keep Tapping!


Mikezilla Awakens……..

Note from wilki1999: This is mikezilla, his post explains what you need to know about him. If you have any queries, dont hesitate to comment and I will email you, or you can just drop a comment and I’ll answer in the comments.

Hey everybody, Mikezilla here, you may remember me from such things as, tsto topix extra, tapped-out.co.uk, and destroying Japan. I am here to help out the team here at TSTO Fan World for a few weeks, and will try to keep you both entertained and guessing at what I may do next. My posts are usually loosely based on the game which is a switch from what you normally find here, but are always fun. Feel free to leave your comments and ideas on my entries, and if your really lucky and offer me a bribe I might even respond. Happy tapping everyone and I hope to see you around.


Episode Reflection: Yellow badge of Cowardge

Hi Tappers!

I apologise if you would like more pictures, but I hope you enjoy reading this anyway. It is the last episode of season 25, and I will jump in to bring you some ideas for what EA may do for the end of the event. For now, here is the reflection:

The episode begins with Lisa narrating. She does so throughout the episode, between important events.

In Springfield, it is the last day of term at the school, and Bart is doesnt want to wake everyone in the house. No one really wants to get up, and the town doesnt have much money left. Because of the lack of money, it seems like the 4th of July celebrations will be cancelled. The Fire Department is even trying to get some funds by delivering pizzas. But Homer doesnt let it go, he wants his fireworks. It’s the one time of year Springfield actually tries to celebrate.


At the school, it is Sports Day. At the end of the 3 legged race, the winner is revealed to be a 3 legged kid who happens to be a Spuckler, they even called him Tripod! Cletus tells everyone that he won fair and square, just as his conjoined twins Wheel and Barrow did in their event. The Egg Toss doesnt seem to be going to plan either as the kids keep tossing the eggs at Skinner. Chalmers is also having a struggle to get the kids to put down their mobile phones and have a Tug-Of-War contest. Ralphe is enjoying his pony ride, and the playdoh that comes out the back! Willie puts Macaroni back into the shed until next June. The final “Race Around The School” is nearly here. All the kids are practising. Bart and Milhouse too. Milhouse tells Bart that he has been training for the race and no one else knows. He is wearing a dummy tummy which he pulls off of him to show a six pack! He says he will win the race and it will change his life. Martin overhears him tell Bart, and places bets on Milhouse to win.

After Skinner is arrested for having a gun on school property, the race begins. Milhouse looks like he is in the lead, and the bullies can’t let him win, as they will lose a fortune as his odds are 1000 to 1. They decide they will punch him when the race reaches the wooded area. Nelson greets Milhouse at the woods and punches him after giving him a glass of water. Bart then happens to appear to see Nelson beating up Milhouse.


Bart wrongly runs off leaving Milhouse behind to face Nelson. Bart eventually wins the race.

Milhouse falls out of the woods whilst Bart is being given the 1st place ribbon. Bart is worried about what his friend will say, but Milhouse says he doesn’t remember anything. Dr. Hibbert says he may never remember.

Back at the house that night, Bart is struggling to deal with what happened. It gives him nightmares as he remembers the fight he witnessed and that he walked away, even though Milhouse needed help. He wakes up finding Maggie next to his bed. She hands him a chicken feather, which he thinks means she is calling him a chicken. She also sucks on her binky which he thinks means he sucks!

Homer is in the Kitchen thinking that if the town won’t put on a fireworks show, he will have to. He has even sorted out all his plans.


Marge isn’t very happy with his idea. She prefers the idea of lighting some sparklers in the garden, but Homer never has any luck with them.

Lisa continues to narrate about Homers passion for fireworks.

Then, Homer goes into the cupboard looking at his jeans to see if he can find the number for the the fireworks man. He finally finds it. Homer goes in search of him, and finds him at the Wrinkled Arms Apartments. He tells him he needs him to come out of retirement for the fireworks show. He agrees to finally do it.

Meanwhile, at Milhouse’s house, Bart is trying to help Milhouse by bringing him a cake that says “Remember Nothing”. It doesn’t help him when Milhouse calls him his “Truest Friend”.


Milhouse then asks Bart to watch Cassidy the Crocodile with him, it’s a kids show but all he can manage. The Crocodile starts to talk about how friends help friends when they are in trouble and Bart gets scared and begs him to turn it off. Bart ends up running away as he feels very guilty.

Homer is now at Cletus’ farm with the firework man getting some fireworks for his show.

In town, there is a LiveNice convention. They decided to invite Bart to join their Good Doing Dream Team.  Bart takes this opportunity to talk about his friend Milhouse. Everyone is trying to figure out what is going on. Bart explains he wants to set things straight. He tells them what happened, or, maybe not. He says that Milhouse is a hero for trying to forget about what happened to him that day. The group then gives out rubber bands. Of course the bullies use them as elastic bands instead. Kearney shoots Milhouse in the head with it, triggering his memories and a flashback.


He shouts at Bart as he remembers everything very clearly including Bart running off while he was in a fight. The crowd boos Bart, they call him a coward, a liar, Dederick Tatum even makes them stop the tattoo of Bart he was going to get on his arm.

The crowd is becoming more and more angry. Bart runs away, and Lisa narrates as he runs. He ends up at the Retirement Castle and finds his Grampa. He is upset that everyone is calling him a coward, and Grampa explains that anyone who makes it to an old age is part coward. He explains how he survived D-Day, by staying on the boat. Bart is confused as he thought everyone hated cowards. Grampa, Jasper, and the old Jewish Man explain it, but they lived longer than the brave ones and they were left with the heroes widows’.

That night, Bart wakes up from another dream, he tries to hug Santa’s Little Helper, but even he is ignoring him.

Homer is in heaven with fireworks. His car has loads of gun powder. He is going very carefully to see the firework man, and encounters dangerous roads on the way. They get there, and go inside…but not before Homer tosses his lit cigar on the gun powder barrels. Homer starts singing, but gets cut off by the firework explosion!!!

Everyone gathers on the lawn to watch the show. Apu has his Squishee – Kwik-E-Kart. One of the children shows up in a costume from It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to which Nelson promptly points out the wrong holiday. Even Snake is there to steal Lindsey Naegle’s purse. The cops are on it, and turn with their muskets.

Homer and the firework man are ready to go out on the lake, but Homer sees Bart is having nightmares. He wants to hurry up and get some fireworks to cheer him up, but it isnt the right time just yet. Homer begs him to start. He can’t stand to see his family unhappy on his special day. After the firework man explains that the holiday is on the 2nd, Homer tells “Super Mario” to not tell him about America. Then, a fight begins. The boat sinks and so does the fireworks.

The townspeople watch in horror from the side, Bart sees this as a chance to say sorry. He tells Milhouse to go on the Retirement Castle bus and he will explain his reasons on their way. Homer and the firework man are saved by a single firework. As long as the show doesn’t start, they wont be in danger. The bullies to aim for Homer and the firework man, but Kearney didn’t think about the wind and hits the sequence trigger.

All the fireworks go towards the townsfolk. As they are about to be hit by fireworks, Bart pulls up the Retirement Van. The fireworks crash into the side of it. Everyone is shocked. Milhouse gets out from the van to gasps. They cheer him, the hero. He is picked up and taken away.

Bart is in the bathroom and sees Maggie in the mirror. She hands him a feather, and another. Bart realizes the feathers are coming from her teddy bear. Bart uses his 1st place blue ribbon to stitch the tear and hand it back to her. Maggie then spits out her binky and starts to wiggle and make chicken wings!

Thats the end of that episode and I will return nex- wait! Thats the end of the season! You know what that means! You dont? I’m going to be sifting through the best bits of the season, to send it off in a bang.

Keep Tapping!